Swimming Pool Guidelines

The swimming pool within The Club will reopen on Monday 14 September with a number of new safety measures in place to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19within the facility. Please be aware you must not come into college facilities if you or anyone in your household are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 or you have been given guidance to self-isolate. Measures that have been introduced include:



In order to manage the number of people using the pool and flow in and out of our venue safely, pool sessions must be booked by members in advance. This means you won’t be able to turn up to a session without a booking. Sessions can be booked 24hrs in advance and up to one hour before a session.  To book a slot, please phone our usual number 0131 344 7373.


Clearly Defined Pool Lanes

In order to facilitate social distancing, we have divided the pool up into distinct areas or lanes for customers to use. Please see the below diagram for more information.


Clearly Defined changing facilities

The changing rooms have been divided up into clear changing areas or stations for members to use.


The new pool use process

After you have made a booking for a pool session you will need to follow the new process for arriving and usingthe changing rooms and pool area.



•Please arrive ready to swim, with swimwear under your clothing. You will have a ten-minute allocation to get ready for the pool use.

•Please wear your face coveringin public areas at all times.

•Ensure that you use the hand sanitiser station at the entrance to The Club.

•Please follow the floor directions and keep to the left when moving around the facility.

•You must arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time slot in order to change prior to entering the pool.

•We are unable toadmit you into the changing area if you arrive less than five minutes from your booking slot.


In the changing rooms

•You will be allocated one of the seven changing stations, that we have divided the changing room into, in order to help with you maintaining social distance.

•Time is limited within the changing areas to ten minutes so please come prepared. Unfortunately, showers, hairdryers and hair straighteners will no longer be available for use within the changing rooms

.•You can use the lockers within the changing rooms that are allocated to your changing station, these are clearly sign posted

•Please use the spray provided to clean the locker you’re using before and after use.

•After you have changed please proceed to the poolside waiting area.

•Members within the pool will then vacate the pool and leave to the changing rooms.


Entering Pool side area

•When entering the pool hall, you should proceed to a poolside shower and rinse off in the normal way.

•You can then go to one of the waiting areas on poolside if the previous group are still in the pool itself.

•An alarm will sound and the previous session swimmers will then vacate the pool area and your pool area will be free for you to enter for your swim.


In the pool and its layout

The way in which customers can use the pool has been changed and you will need to follow some new rules. How you can help us during your swim:


•The pool has been laid out into two distinct areas / lanes for customers to use for swimming. This is to allow for physical distancing.

•The first lane is a double lane and this will allow up to four customers to swim in a clockwise direction and maintain physical distancing whilst in the water.

•There are direction signs at the end of the pool which everyone should follow. If you are needing to take a break then exit the pool so that other swimmers don’t catch up with you.

•The second lane is for use by one customer or a small family group with the relevant age ratios.

•Unfortunately, floats and noodles will not be available.

•All customers must adhere to physical distancing at all times, both in the pool and on poolside.

•When your session is over please leave the pool promptly and keep to physical distancing guidance.

•You can rinse off in a poolside shower if you wish, but this must be included within the ten minutes that are allocated for you to change and exit the changing rooms.