Gym Guidelines

There are a number of changes that we have introduced to help with the fight against coronavirus and reduce risk of transmission within the facility. Please read our Covid Guidelines below were we detail the process for using our gym facility.  


Please note you cannot come into college facilities if you or anyone in your household, are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 or you have been given guidance to self-isolate.  


Before your visit 



In order to manage numbers and flow in our venue safely, our gym sessions must be booked by members ahead of time. This means you won’t be able to turn up to a session without a booking. Bookings can be made up to 48 hours before your session time. 

You can book between: 

Monday - Friday 6.30am - 8.15pm (first and last booking) 

Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5.15pm (first and last booking) 

Session times are 45 minutes each, you can book 2 sessions per day and these can be consecutive if you wish. 

A session is bookable by phone on our usual number 0131 344 7373 


Changing facilities 

Unfortunately, there will be no changing facilities available so please come dressed to work out. The disabled/family changing area will be available for use of the toilet and toilet only. Please do not bring bags into the gym. 


Health and Safety 

Please bring a face covering, these are mandatory within our public areas (unless you are medically exempt) but can be removed when exercising.


During your visit 


After you have made a booking for a gym session you will need to follow the new process for arriving. 


  • Please arrive dressed to workout and ready to exercise.  

  • Please wear your face covering in the public areas at all times 

  • You must arrive on time and not before . Please note we cannot admit you into the gym if you arrive more than 10 minutes late from your booking slot. 

  • Ensure that you use the hand sanitiser station at the entrance to the club and follow the floor directions keeping to the left when moving around the facility.  

  • Come to the club reception as normal. Your access card will allow you entry into the gym as normal 


Entering the Gym
  • When entering the gym, we ask you to keep to one person per designated area at any one time 

  • Face coverings need to be worn when moving from through the gym but do not need to be worn while exercising  

  • Please DO NOT drink directly from our water fountain, this is only available to fill a water bottle. 


Using the Gym 

The way in which customers can use the gym has been changed and you will need to follow some new rules.  


Exercise Areas 
  • The gym has been laid out into distinct areas for customers to use when exercising. This is to allow for physical distancing. 

  • Area 2, the free weights area is divided up into 3 areas to allow you to exercise while being socially distanced from each other, please respect this when moving around and picking up free weights from the rack. 

  • Area 3, the fixed weight machines are classed as 1 area and only one person can be in this area at any one time. 

  • Area 1, the each of the cardiovascular machines has its own area, please allow the member to vacate area before you go in to use each piece of equipment 


Health and Safety 
  • All customers must adhere to physical distancing, both while exercising and moving around the gym floor. There are direction signs on the floor to encourage movement in the gym area to be kept to the left where possible. 

  • While there are enhanced cleaning measures in place, it is your responsibility to wipe down each piece of equipment before and after use.

Finishing your gym session
  • When your booked session is over an alarm will sound.  

  • Please exit the gym promptly while wearing a face covering and keep to physical distancing guidance as you leave.