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COVID-19 Information

At the club gym and spa our mission has always been to provide a welcoming and safe environment for all our members to enjoy.


During this time, we feel our facilities have never been so vital to our members, both for physical, mental health and wellbeing. The feedback we have received from you has been tremendous and the way in which our community of members have responded in engaging in all the measures we have in place to ensure everyone’s safety has been second to none.


From everyone at the club we would like to say a huge thanks for your patience, your loyalty and for supporting us every step of the way.

Level 0 Restriction Changes

Now that the Scottish Government has introduced level 0, this has lifted some of the restrictions at the Club.
This includes:
  • Removal of social distancing restrictions within our facility
  • No need to pre-book when coming to the Club for the gym or to swim
  • Gym classes can now be booked 7 days in advance
Our opening hours have returned to our normal hours before the pandemic of:
Monday to Friday - 6.30am - 9pm
Saturday and Sunday - 9am - 6pm
Although some of our restrictions have now been reduced we would like to encourage our members to be respectful to other Club members. We have removed our social distancing restrictions but giving people space is still important during this transition time while we adjust to the 'new normal'. Simple steps like keeping your hands sanitized and cleaning equipment after use can help us continue on this path to a life without restrictions. Scanning our QR code on arrival to check-in and checking out when you are leaving will help us monitor footfall within our facility.

Covid Measures We Still Have in Place


Hand Sanitiser


Hand sanitiser has been placed at the entrance to the club and at various points throughout the facility so it is easy to ensure your hands are clean during your visit. Please ensure you use these when entering the facilities.


Air filtration


In addition to our existing air system we have installed a new air intake and filtration system within the gym and studio area and in the pool our air system has been adjusted to ensure the largest amounts of fresh air are coming into the facilities. This ensures that any airborne virus particles are diluted and members have clean fresh air during their work out, swim or class.


Member Self-cleaning


We have provided anti-viral disinfectant sprays around the facilities so that you can clean your kit before and after use for added piece of mind.

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