Q: When will the Club reopen?

A: We are open from Monday 26 April.


Q: What are the Club’s opening hours?

A: Monday - Friday: 6.30am – 8.15pm

      Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 5.15pm


Q: When will classes be running?

A: We will be running outdoor classes from Monday 26 April and we will be running indoor classes from Monday 17 May 2021 (dependant on the Scottish Government announcements).


Q: Are you restricting numbers in the gym and pool?

A: We will be restricting numbers who use areas within the facility in line with current government guidance. All members will need to book a set time slot to use each area to ensure that we can keep track of the people using an area and the numbers who are in that area at any one time.


Q: How long can I stay in the gym?

A: Slots for the gym will be 45 minutes, but you can book two if you feel you need the extra time.


Q: How long can I stay in the pool?

A: We have divided up the slots in the pool, so that you will have 30 minutes to enjoy your swim.


Q: Are the changing room, showers and lockers available?

A: Changing rooms are available for members using the pool facilities. Changing rooms have been divided up into specific changing stations that are allocated to you to use. Each person will have an allocated time of 10 minutes for changing prior to entering the pool and 10 minutes after usage of the pool. Changing rooms will not be available for members using the gym facility.

There will be sanitiser sprays for customers to use within this area before using lockers. Unfortunately, you will also notice that for safety reasons showers, hairdryers and hair straighteners will not be available for use.

Q: Are classes still running?

A: Not at present, but we will keep you updated on the status of these through email / Facebook.

Q: What will happen with my payments?

A: Payments will resume from your bank on the first of the month, please refer to our previous email communication for more details.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: Yes. If you wish to cancel your membership then it would be through the standard terms and conditions of your membership agreement. If you have any further questions regarding cancellation please contact us at

Q: Can I freeze my membership?

A: Unfortunately we are not offering this service at this time.

Q: Can I unfreeze my membership now that the gym is open again?

A: Yes you can unfreeze your membership, however you may need to make a manual payment in order to do this. Please email or give us a call to discuss this.

Q: Would I be able to have an induction or program?

A: Currently we are unable to provide a one-on-one service in the gym.


And to reassure you, here are some safety bits we thought you would like to know:


  • We will have barriers at our front desk to reduce the risk to you and our team of any transmission of COVID-19.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available to use at the main entrance to The Club and also at points throughout the building.

  • Our preference is for contactless payment and we will therefore be restarting member direct debits and have contactless payment at the front desk for any other payments.

  • We have removed a number of our normal services for when we reopen. This includes our towel membership. This means that you will need to bring your own towels to use within The Club.

  • We have also disabled hairdryers, showers and hair straighteners in the changing rooms.

  • We will be following government guidelines when it comes to cleaning the facilities and also spraying high-touch points throughout the day with sanitising spray.

  • Sanitising sprays and wipes will also be available throughout the facilities for you to use before and after using equipment, including in the changing areas.

  • All members will be asked to wear a face covering when entering the facilities.

  • We will have all your details for track and trace through our booking system.