NEW TERM DEALS  (available from WC 7th September 2015)

Tuesday – Friday (starts WC 7th Sept)
Set menu 2 courses
£5.00 (WAS £7.50)
12.15pm-12.45pm (closes 2.30pm)

Monday (starts WC 28th Sept)
Junior Apprentice Menu
£5.00 (WAS £7.50)

Tuesday (starts WC 28th Sept)
Junior Apprentice Menu
£5.00 (WAS £7.50)

Wednesday (starts WC 7th Sept)
Masterchef Menu
£10.00 (WAS £12.50)
6.15pm-6.45pm (closes 9pm)

Thursday (starts WC 7th Sept)
Masterchef Menu
£10.00 (WAS £12.50)
6.15pm-6.45pm (closes 9pm)

To book call 0131 344 7344 or book online​

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Pork Belly Dish

We are proud to present menus which showcase the skills and talents of our hospitality and cookery students at our Milton Road campus.

Our students are studying the art of cookery under the expert guidance of trained professionals. Premium quality produce and attention to detail are the main ingredients for our menu choices which reflect the different levels of study and expertise.

We hope that you will join us for a culinary experience and support the up and coming talent of the future!

​Monday Afternoon Tea​ ​​£4.95 (£7.50 with fizz) ​12pm-1.15pm​
​Tuesday – Friday ​Set Menu £5 (WAS £7.95) ​12.15pm-12.45pm
​(closes 2.30pm)
​Saturday ​Bistro Menu ​£9.95 ​12.15pm-2pm
​Sunday The BIG Weekend Roast ​£9.95 ​12.15pm-2pm
​Monday ​Junior Apprentice Menu £5 (WAS £7.95) ​6.15pm
​Tuesday ​Junior Apprentice Menu ​£5 (WAS £7.95) ​6.15pm
​Wednesday ​Masterchef Menu ​£10 (WAS £14.95) ​6.15pm-6.45pm
​(closes 9pm)
​Thursday ​Masterchef Menu ​£10 (WAS £14.95) ​6.15pm-6.45pm
​(closes 9pm)
​Friday ​Table d’hote Menu ​£12.95 6.15pm-8.15pm
​Saturday ​Table d’hote Menu ​£12.95 ​6.15pm-8.15pm

Set Menu Lunch
Choose from a 2 or 3 course lunch from Tuesday to Friday. Edinburgh College hospitality and cookery students produce high quality dishes perfect for a relaxing and enjoyable lunch.
Junior Apprentice Menu @ eh15
The South East Scotland Academies Partnership (SESAP) students prepare a delicious 3 course set menu on Monday and Tuesday evenings. The menu changes weekly. Click here to watch a video about the academy student experience.

Masterchef Menu
A fine dining experience created by 3rd Year Edinburgh College students on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Menu includes 3 course fine dining with amuse bouche, coffee and handmade chocolates.


Book a table using our online booking system, or call us on 0131 344 7373 or email